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REMONDIS Industrie Service - Your partner in international hazardous waste treatment and disposal

One of the constant challenges facing modern manufacturing industry is how to deal with the solid, liquid and gaseous waste that it produces. This is particularly the case with hazardous waste, which many international waste management providers do not have the experience, expertise or technology to treat themselves. As one of the most trusted names in international waste treatment and disposal, REMONDIS Industrie Service serves the needs of waste management companies in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. While our preferred option is always to recover or recycle waste, we also offer a wide range of cost-efficient and environmentally compatible waste disposal solutions.

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About us – Learn who we are

As a service provider for industrial, commercial and public clients, REMONDIS Industrie Service has been an international expert in the safe disposal of hazardous substances and dangerous waste for more than 40 years.

Hazardous waste management – In the safest of hands

Anyone who works with hazardous substances or hazardous waste must comply with complex and constantly changing specifications. Making the most of our specialist knowledge and experience, we support our clients in every aspect of handling and disposing.

Hazardous waste treatment – Leave it to the experts

We offer a range of solutions for disposal of hazardous substances, depending on the exact nature of the waste. When hazardous waste cannot be recycled or reused, we are dedicated to developing innovative treatment solutions.

Gas recycling and disposal – Solid solutions for hazardous gases

When it comes to the disposal of gases and gas cylinders, REMONDIS Industrie Service stands out as a highly specialized provider in Europe.

Solvent recycling – Sustainable solutions for solvent disposal

With our full solvent recycling process, we allow solvents to be reintroduced into the production cycle in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Thermal treatment – How we use heat responsibly

With our network of modern thermal recovery and incineration plants, REMONDIS Industrie Service is wellequipped to meet the individual needs of international customers.

Chemical-physical treatment – The best of both worlds

In many cases, hazardous waste and wastewater are recycled gently in our facilities using a combination of chemical and physical methods.

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