Professional disposal and recycling of solvents

Sustainable solvent recycling: Partner with REMONDIS Industrie Service for expert disposal

Solvents are substances that are used to dissolve, extract or suspend other substances to form a solution. They are usually liquids but can also exist in gas or solid form. Waste solvents are generated by many modern industries, ranging from chemicals and pharmaceuticals to surface coating and solvent refining. There are three main options for treating waste solvents: recycling, processing as liquid RDF and disposal. REMONDIS Industrie Service has been a partner to industry and regional waste providers in all three areas for many years.

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Recycling solvents and other chemical waste

The most sustainable and environmentally friendly way to treat waste solvents is to recycle them. This means that separated waste is first analysed to see if it can be distilled back into cold cleaners, turpentine and other solvents and used for further processing. Within the REMONDIS Group, our specialises in distilling waste solvents. This allows solvents to be reintroduced into the production cycle in the form of high-quality regenerated materials, most of which can be used as a substitute for primary materials. Needless to say, all distillation residue is disposed of in compliance with strict environmental laws and standards.

Recycling solvents as liquid RDF

Transforming solvent waste into liquid RDF: A sustainable energy solution at REMONDIS Industrie Service tank storage

Like waste oil, solvent waste can be recycled to saleable grade solvent and used as an alternative fuel – for instance for powering kilns in concrete factories. In response to demand from its customers, REMONDIS developed a new line of business that aims to maximise the energy potential of solvent waste. At its Oberhausen, Herne and Ibbenbüren sites, REMONDIS uses specialist tank storage technology to create high-quality substitutes for coal, oil and gas. Using a heat distillation process that breaks solvent waste down into its component parts, we allow it to be reintroduced into the production cycle while offering industry a cheaper alternative to fossil fuels.

Disposal of solvents and other chemicals

If solvents cannot be recycled or converted into liquid RDF, they are disposed of thermally. The most common type of thermal treatment is high-temperature incineration. The REMONDIS Group has a network of incineration plants throughout Europe. These operate a variety of furnace systems including fluidised bed combustion (FBC, static furnaces and rotary kilns.)

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Safely disposing of solvents and chemicals by REMONDIS SAVA‘s high-temperature incineration

Which solvents can be reused?

If solvent waste complies with specific limit values and has a sufficiently high calorific value, it can be recycled into a liquid fuel that can be used in manufacturing industry. This cost-effective approach to solvent recycling and fuel disposal is suitable for the following types of waste:

Solvents (or waste containing solvents)

Distillation residue

Liquid waste paint and varnish/paint sludge

Waste oils (including slops that cannot be recycled)

Other liquid waste with a sufficiently high calorific value (e. g. petrol, propellant and other fuels)

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Solvent recycling at REMONDIS Industrie Service

When industrial companies or regional waste providers contact us about recycling their solvent waste, we first collect a sample for analysis. Once we have determined that the solvents can be recycled, we use a heat distillation process that breaks them down into their component parts. Any residue is then disposed of in compliance with the strictest environmental standards. With our full solvent recycling process, we are committed to optimising the recovery of valuable resources while minimising the impact of solvent waste disposal on the environment. We support you in the following aspects:

Analyse usability

After receipt the waste solvents, we take a sample for analysis. Our experts perform thorough testing and analysis to determine the usability and recyclability of the solvents.


Through a heat distillation process, we prepare the solvent for reuse in industrial processes or other applications.

Disposal of residue

At REMONDIS Industrie Service, we handle the disposal of the residues we produce in a highly responsible way. We follow environmental standards to dispose of the waste safely and in an eco-friendly way.

Sustainable resource conservation through solvent recycling

Recycling solvents helps to save resources by reusing solvents instead of producing new ones, thus reducing the need for raw materials. In addition, using recycled solvents can lead to cost savings for companies as they are cheaper than buying new ones. Working with a specialist such as REMONDIS Industrie Service helps to make sure that solvent recycling is carried out in compliance with environmental and waste legislation.

In addition to the ecological and economic benefits, solvent recycling offers a number of advantages. We can support and advise you on resource conservation, regulatory compliance and defining sustainable long-term goals. Please contact us for more support.

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