Treatment of hazardous waste with REMONDIS Industrie Service

Safely treatment and dispose of hazardous waste with REMONDIS Industrie Service

Hazardous waste that may be harmful to human health or the environment – is an unavoidable by-product of modern manufacturing industry. This kind of waste must be treated by experts to reduce its volume and hazardous properties and to make it easier to handle and recover. Some types of hazardous waste – such as solvents, metals and waste oils – can be recycled, while others can be incinerated to generate power as a cheaper alternative to fossil fuels. With many years of experience and an array of cutting-edge technologies at its disposal, REMONDIS Industrie Service specialises in the treatment and disposal of hazardous waste.

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Hazardous waste treatment technologies

As a leading name in the treatment and disposal of hazardous waste, REMONDIS Industrie Service is the partner of choice for many industrial players and regional waste providers, both in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and further afield. It offers a range of solutions for disposal of hazardous substances, depending on the exact nature of the waste in question.

Chemical-physical treatment

While our facilities are equipped to treat many different types of substances, the main focus here is on disposing of acids and bases.


Thermal waste treatment and hazardous waste incinerator

These plants are used to dispose of chemicals and obsolete pesticides and pharmaceuticals as well as ozone-depleting substances.


Engineered landfill sites

These above-ground sites allow solid hazardous waste to be disposed of in a way that prevents groundwater pollution and protects the surrounding environment.


Underground disposal

While ash from incineration plants and other hazardous substances can also be deposited in underground landfills, waste, which matches the acceptance criteria for backfilling, is used to backfill salt mines.


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Which methods are used to treat hazardous waste?

Having specialised in hazardous waste treatment technologies for decades, REMONDIS Industrie Service has a network of plants dedicated to specific types of waste. Our industrial recycling centres are equipped to treat hazardous gases, as well as aerosol cans and the gases they emit. And, of course, our hazardous wast incineration REMONDIS SAVA in Brunsbüttel and TRV in Wesseling are the most modern facilities of its kind in Europe.

We use the following methods to dispose of hazardous waste for our industrial customers and regional waste providers:

Chemical-physical treatment plants

At our network of plants, a combination of physical and chemical methods is used to treat many different hazardous substances, the main focus being on neutralising and disposing of acids and bases.

Backfilling salt mines

This method is particularly suitable for disposing of fly ashes and other types of ash from incineration plants. It can also be used to recover precipitator dust from metallurgical processes and to dispose of waste containing large quantities of salt.

Incineration plants

The Group’s network of incineration plants throughout Europe is used to dispose of chemicals, obsolete pesticides and pharmaceuticals, refrigerants, and solvents.

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