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Welcome to REMONDIS Industrie Service - your expert for reliable and sustainable disposal solutions for hazardous waste. For over 40 years, we have been providing comprehensive services for industries, businesses, and trade sectors. Our expertise encompasses hazardous material disposal and recycling of special waste. With modern technologies and innovative recycling processes, we prioritize the circular economy in our operations. REMONDIS Industrie Service sets clear requirements for resource management, sustainability and waste hierarchy.

Together with the REMONDIS Group, we have a global network in over 30 countries across Europe, Asia, and Oceania, establishing ourselves as specialists in water and circular economy beyond Germany.

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Sustainability: protecting natural resources

In waste management, sustainability centres on using natural resources efficiently and protecting the environment. In the case of REMONDIS Industrie Service, this involves activities such as:

Providing waste management providers in developing countries with access to state-of-the-art technology for disposing of hazardous waste

Processing substitute fuels from non-recyclable waste

Complying with the waste hierarchy at all times

Recycling old metal packaging and returning it to the production cycle

Marketing recycled solvents to industrial, commercial and private customers

Waste hierarchy: at the core of our values

Originally introduced by the EU via the Waste Framework Directive, the waste hierarchy defines the preferred order in which waste is to be treated. In doing so, it minimises the environmental impact of waste by focusing on five steps: prevention, reuse, recycling, recovery and disposal.

The REMONDIS Group operates specialist facilities for recycling waste solvents and other waste materials. Even if waste cannot be reused or recycled, it can often be used to generate energy and heat. In fact, REMONDIS is one of the largest producers of liquid refuse-derived fuel (RDF) in Germany.

Disposing of hazardous waste is another area in which REMONDIS Industrie Service has built up a solid reputation over the years. With a vast network of incinerators, engineered landfills, underground disposal sites and backfilling sites, REMONDIS Industrie Service is the first port of call for many international waste management providers who do not have the facilities or the expertise to treat specific types of hazardous waste themselves.

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