Image credits for the website

The following provides a list of image credits for the photos and images used on our website. They have been listed in the order they appear in each section (from top to bottom).

Image 1: ©REMONDIS

Site About us
Image 1, 2: ©REMONDIS
Image 3: Adobe Stock, 9425240, creator: Okea

Site Hazardous Waste
Image 1–5: ©REMONDIS
Image 6: iStock, 108273723, creator: assalve

Site Gases
Image 1–11: ©REMONDIS

Site Aerosol Cans
Image 1–3: ©REMONDIS

Site Solvents
Image 1, 2: ©REMONDIS
Image 3: ©XERVON
Image 3: ©REMONDIS

Site Treatment of hazardous waste
Image 1–5: ©REMONDIS

Site Thermal Treatment
Image 1–3: ©REMONDIS

Site Chemical-Physical Treatment
Image 1, 2: ©REMONDIS
Image 3: Adobe Stock, 297475056, creator: H_Ko
Image 4: ©REMONDIS

Site Underground Disposal and Engineered Landfills
Image 1–4: ©REMONDIS

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