Underground disposal and engineered landfilling

Underground disposal and landfilling of hazardous waste

Underground disposal and landfills are both established methods for disposing of the hazardous waste that is created primarily by manufacturing industry. Modern underground disposal systems and engineered landfills are designed to store toxic waste permanently while protecting the groundwater and the environment from pollution. The choice of method depends on the nature of the waste and on the limit values defined in the German Landfill Ordinance (DepV). Needless to say, this calls for a highly experienced partner with the necessary expertise and state-of-the-art technology in both underground disposal and landfilling. This is why REMONDIS is the partner of choice for many industrial customers and regional waste disposal service providers from Germany and abroad.

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Underground disposal systems

While engineered landfills are an ideal choice for disposing of many types of hazardous waste, underground disposal and backfilling offer a number of key advantages compared with surface management systems. Underground systems for hazardous waste disposal are protected from the structural damage caused by floodwaters, earthquakes and other natural phenomena and are better protected against leakage. They are also more cost-effective because they do not require the same degree of long-term monitoring. In many cases, backfilling also helps to prevent surface subsidence damage by reinforcing the structure of former excavation sections.

Underground landfills

Aided by the very latest technology, underground landfill sites are the safest place to store hazardous waste that cannot be processed for recycling. This includes residue from the steel and other metal industries, hazardous fibre waste, filtration residue, filter dust, evaporation residue and waste containing arsenic, cyanide, mercury or other toxic substances.

The Directive classifies waste-related activities as recovery operations (R operations) or disposal operations (D operations):


These operations either use waste to replace materials that would have been used for a particular function or process the waste in such a way that it can fulfil that function itself.


Any operation that is not classified as recovery even when substances or energy are reclaimed as a secondary consequence.

Engineering modern landfill sites

Classified as a D procedure, engineered landfill sites are a modern solution for dealing with hazardous waste. With extensive experience, expertise and technology at its disposal, REMONDIS is the partner of choice for engineered landfill sites.

Adopted in 2008, the EU Waste Framework Directive (2008/98/EC) provides a comprehensive legislative framework for the management of waste across Europe. It aims to turn the EU into a “recycling society seeking to avoid waste generation and to use waste as a resource”.

What are engineered landfills?

Engineered landfills are pits in which solid waste is deposited, compacted and covered for final disposal. They consist of a lined bottom (to prevent groundwater pollution), groundwater monitoring, a leachate collection and treatment system, gas extraction (the gas is flared or used for energy production) and a cap system. To ensure maximum efficiency and environmental safety, engineered landfills need to be designed and constantly monitored by experts like REMONDIS Industrie Service.

Landfills have safety systems such as base sealing and surface sealing systems as well as operating facilities to ensure environmentally sound waste disposal.

Why are landfill sites essential?

If waste cannot be avoided, reused or recycled or recovered after treatment, the only remaining option permitted by the EU Waste Framework Directive is disposal. Landfill sites have traditionally been the method of choice and have been vastly improved over the years with a view to protecting the groundwater and surrounding environment. These days, state-of-the-art engineered landfill sites are used to dispose of hazardous waste created primarily by manufacturing industry.

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